January 11,  2023

Morning Note


Lunch Duty:  Mrs. Cochran and Mrs. Hale

Wednesday, December 11 th - The BIG DEAL for 6-12 students who have qualified.

Sports Schedule

Wednesday, January 11th

Junior High basketball at Briggsdale vs Lone Star here, starts at 3:30 GC,GB,BB,GA,BA 


Thursday, January 12th

High school basketball at Briggsdale vs Akron, starts at 4:00 BJV,GV,BV 

Friday, January 13th

Junior High basketball at Briggsdale vs Peetz, starts at 3:00, GC,BC,GB,BB,GA,BA, 

Saturday, January 14th

Junior High and high school  basketball at Briggsdale with Weldon Valley starts at 11:00 GC,BC,GB,BB,GA,BA followed by HS at 3:00 BJV,GV,BV 

Monday, January 16th

Junior High basketball at Briggsdale with Fleming starts at 2:00 GC,BC,GB,BB,GA,BA 

And if you thought we were out of the woods and it slowed down? Catch your breath, we have games on Thur, Fri, Sat (junior high tournament), and Monday!!!