December 16, 2022

Morning Note

Lunch Duty:  Mr. Nelson and Miss Brown

Boettcher Foundation names Semifinalists.

Congratulations to Peyton Nicklas for being selected as one of 300 semifinalists for the 2023 Boettcher Scholarship. With submissions from 2200 qualified seniors, this year's applicant pool was intensely competitive, making the selection process incredibly difficult. As a result, advancing to the semifinalist round is a significant achievement. Semifinalists have distinguished themselves among this highly successful group of peers through their impressive academic record, leadership achievements and dedication to service.


Christmas Cheermeister - While you are finishing up this last week before Christmas break, have some fun:


Friday, December 16th - Jingle Bells.  Wear your ugly sweater holiday sweater and holiday bling.

Friday, December 16th - Finals for 1st hour

                                          School is out of 1:00.See you on January 3, 2023.

                                End of 1st semester

Sports Schedule

Friday, December 15th and 

Saturday, December 16th

Friday, 5:00 HS girls varsity, boys varsity at 6:30 at the Idalia tournament.  Briggsdale boys and girls play Cheyenne Wells.  

Saturday, Idalia tournament, games start at 10:30, schedule to be determined by the previous night’s results.  

Friday, the bus will leave at 12:30.  Please release basketball players and managers at 11:55 to eat lunch and load the bus. 

Saturday, January 7th

High school basketball vs. Stratton at Briggsdale at 2:00

GJV 3 quarters, BJV 2 quarters, GV, BV