ESSER III  Federal Funding

 The Briggsdale School District continues to provide in-person learning for our Students, Staff, and Community. We will continue to educate the students in our district by following the appropriate safety precautions.

 The support received from ESSER III funds will address the need for teachers, para-professionals, and curriculum to educate and address learning loss for our students; by providing individualized instruction, after school program, and interventions during the school day. The funds will also be used in maintaining cleaning protocols in our schools by allowing for new equipment, cleaning systems, and supplies necessary for the safety of the students and staff in the building.

Covid Information Page

 Safe Return Plan

Thank you to our families and your commitment to keep our children and staff safe. We all have done a remarkable job and still need to continue our due diligence at this time. 

District Plan for School Attendance

The new guidelines released in February indicate that the district should be transitioning to Transmission Control Strategy. We will not need to continue contract tracing and quarantines based on routine classroom exposures. The Weld County School District RE 10J is recognizing that all Respiratory Diseases, Influenza, or Covid 19 need to be treated the same for the health safety of our students. On the Briggsdale Schools web-site we have the information posted for the guidelines for Covid 19/Influenza/Other Respiratory disease. 

The district will continue these guidelines are as follows:

  • If a student has a positive test then they need to be out of school for five days and 24 hours without any symptoms.

  • Schools should continue to follow quarantine guidance for students and staff who report household exposures. If there are household exposures and the family is able to protect other family members and not have any close contact with the positive person then the administration would be able to approve the student or staff to attend school and school activities.

By definition, a person becomes contagious when they are having symptoms. That is why, if we keep our students home when they have symptoms, they will not have an impact on any other students.

Test to Stay – How it works

  1. Students and staff exposed to COVID-19 will be able to attend school in lieu of quarantine if they remain asymptomatic and test negative twice: once as soon as they can after they are notified of an exposure, and then again five to seven days after the date of exposure. If their first test is negative, they may remain in school during the five to seven days before their second test. They should wear a well-fitting mask consistently and correctly in school for 10 days from the date of exposure.

  2. Students and staff can test themselves at home and report their results back to the school. CDPHE will provide all participating schools with access to the NAVICA™ app and reporting platform so that parents/guardians and staff may report test results safely and securely. 

  3. A student or staff member must begin isolation and seek diagnostic testing if symptoms occur or begin isolation if test results are positive.

  4. Students and staff participating in Test to Stay are required to wear a well-fitting mask properly, except when unmasking is allowed (e.g., while eating, drinking, etc.), for a full 10 days following their exposure to a positive case. They must also monitor for symptoms and seek diagnostic (PCR) testing if they develop symptoms.

Students and staff in Test to Stay must report their results to the school on the same day they test themselves. A negative test is required to attend school. Students and staff who test positive should stay home and follow isolation instructions

Thanks again

Mr. Mondt and Mrs. Fulton


ESSER III - American Rescue Plan

Weld County School Disrict RE 10J received, Elementary and Secondary School Education Relief (ESSER III) and American Rescue Plan for Elementary schools, funding for the support of challenges during and extending from the Covid 19 disruption of schools.

The $195,125 received for our district was spent by the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

The feedback that was provided by the community through the school board meetings, the administration and staff on evaluation of students and staff academically and their mental health, and the commitment from the district staff to provide a clean safe environment for everyone that is in the building or visiting.

ESSER III Use of Funds           100>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $195,125

Improve Indoor Air Quality 1>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $    1,951

Improving school facilities 16>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $   31,220

Addressing Learning Loss 35>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $   68,294

Purchasing Supplies to sanitize and clean the LEA’s facilities 30>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $   58,537

Other activities that is necessary to maintain operation of and 18>#span class="Apple-tab-span"### $   35,123

services, including continuing to employing existing or hiring 

new LEA and school staff